The Plausibility of the Paperless Office


At the beginning of the year, I wrote an article about the credibility of a paperless office and called a piece of Безбумажном office: myth or reality?

The paper is likely to disappear too strongly rooted in the Business culture, never completely, but it goes to the paper to remove processes неопровержима from many business, I came to the conclusion that the answer to the question myth or reality is – a mixture of the two.

The fact is, there are many departments where paperless is not only possible, but also extremely to be profitable – last week КОРДИС (community of European Commission research and development information services) reported that “from Transport to media, tourism to energy, digital technologies permeate and change in almost every industry.”

However, this is not always easy to convince consumers, suppliers, partners and even for the submission of documents in the desired Format.

Article in Online business it, still not paperless after all these years, claims that “far from the transition to the paperless office, we actually accelerated by the use of paper, with annual growth rates of the quantity of paper manufactured in accordance with the average time to 25%.”

With the solution Workflow paper documents can be captured everywhere in the business and OCR (Optical character recognition) technology to the extraction of the necessary data for further processing.

Eliminating paper eliminates the need for manual activities in connection with the process of physically developing from the registration of the document in the Department in the Department – and with E-Mail notification function, the Workflow can be set and processes of escalation identified, to ensure that the deadlines are met.

It is easy and quick to determine the Position of the electronic document circulation in the process, and the automatic test can be set to ensure that the steps be performed in the order and the confirmation of the rules followed. At the end of the process, an electronic document can be transferred automatically to a further procedure, such as, for example, financial Apps, or safe and fast archive – without the bulky, space-eating file cabinets.

The benefits of paperless processing Stack quickly: lower costs (according to the Association, in matters relating to the management of the information and pictures АИИМ it costs up to 120$ can, to track down wrong-crafted document, for example), and the efficiency, transparency and control.

And as already written, the processing for the digital industry and the markets and services.

Software provider Billentis reports that the issuance of electronic invoices is required to be on the rise in Europe and the government of the United Kingdom, the promotion of electronic invoices, as described in electronic invoicing – the next steps in the direction of E-Government.

The NHS has the goal that by the year 2018 paperless; the criminal justice committed in criminal courts, which explains in a digital Form up to the year 2016; management of car traffic (driver and vehicle Licensing agency) is defined as a ‘Digital Champion’; Mark Dearnley, the Chief Digital and information technology for NTS (tax and customs), that the hmrc “must be completed in a digital Business”.

The Director of the resources of the British police Matthew Bennion-Педли call ‘anitquated, paper Display operations replaced Internet treatment for the licensing of firearms.

Not only Office, National Archives to accept records more than 12 000 men cavalry action of the battle of Waterloo to the first world war accessible to all, anywhere and at any time. Solution? You put on the Internet is not only possible, but also extremely useful for all.


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