The Evolution of Mobile Research: Smartphones


Studies show that a smartphone on one property was constantly increasing, and the numbers are stunning. More than half of American users of mobile phone you have a smartphone, which accounts for 9.14 million smartphones. Worldwide, there are five billion mobile phone users, and of this amount there are over a billion smartphone users.

These data are significant not only for mobile phone users, but for marketing researchers as well. Smartphones are important mobile research devices – it gives the opportunity to conduct research at any time, any place-and this is where are the opportunities for mobile research.

The camera function of the mobile phone can do for researchers to see and experience what the participants experience at any time. For example, participants can upload information, including photos or videos directly from your smartphone, without transferring them to a computer for the first time.

After all, smartphones are convenient and in comparison with a small portable video recorders or cameras, smartphones make it easier to grasp for participants and to share photos, videos and even voice recordings. You can also discuss interaction with mobile researchers and the other participants in the online group forum, as it is an online version of the focus-group.

This property of smartphones and other mobile devices offers more opportunities to study when it comes to collecting data because it does not make them participants remain in one place, not tied to research. In addition to the above advantages of smartphones, mobile research allows you to know the exact location of the subscriber. That is, the user can verify now “in” to locations using their smartphones, when a part of the research, is a travel diary.

In addition, users will be kindness phones ensures that participants send their reports and observations, and increases consequences. Add to that, voice-to-text functionality of smartphones, which allows the participants to dictate their answers while on the go, increase report accuracy in terms of time, which sent him to his attached research activities. For more photos, videos and other forms of presented data that clearly describe the behavior in the study of much more than words can. This mixture of different types of research data improves the mobile in such a way that it leads to conclusions that are much wider and more thoroughly than other forms of qualitative research. Smartphones took in fact, mobile research to the next level becoming richer and more vivid data, at the moment.


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