The Basics of a Mobile Point of Sale System


In my previous article, “foundations of the postmodern System,” we discussed about the basics of the POS. In this article, we will take a look at the basics of Mobile POS systems. System-Mobile-POS-either replaced completely the traditional point of Sale System stack at the cash register, or it can be used for charging the point of Sale System Stack at the checkout. A Mobile POS systems have a variety of varieties with different abilities. Options include rugged Mobile POS devices, which cost thousands of dollars, the quality of the Consumer-technology with professional add-ins under a thousand dollars, or a simple add-in under a hundred dollars.

In principle, Mobile POS, the Mobile Computer is added to the entering of sales data, information on transactions, people, everywhere. The Mobile Computer can be used, special robust Mobile computers, but in today’s world, many organizations are opting for Consumer devices such as Tablets, Smartphones and even portable music players like the iPod touch to act as a computer system. All of these devices are whether or not the military rank or class of consumers, need Software applications to get the Job done. Art infrasturucture, or ecosystem of Software and devices that you use, depends on several things.

What kind of device you want to use as a mobile device?

In order to set the language of the operating software, you need to see. The Apple device, you need Software written for iOS. Windows device must be compatible with Windows Software. Android devices, of course, Android applications. Applications of this type are as native applications. The advantage of the application is that you on the hard disk of the mobile device. If the Wireless network goes down for any reason, the device is usually able to complete the transaction. Most of the companies in one kind of operating system or device used “native” applications.

An Alternative to cloud-based applications, native applications, on the Basis of. This type of Software usually on the basis of the Browser with the help of HTML Codes as a programming language. This Software to update applications constantly connect to the Server via the Internet. Companies that try to support all flavors of Mobile devices in General, use of this model, because everything you need device with Internet access and Browser functions. To reserve hard data processing on the Server, send from afar. The disadvantage of cloud applications is that you have to do is usually go back to things manually, if your Internet goes down.

They only work in brick-and-mortar business with a compatible Wi-Fi-Internet connection, or you will be working remotely in the areas that are in need of a mobile Internet services?

If you are a Operation only Wi-Fi access should, because you never leave the building, there is no need to have the device, you need a data plan. Your device is only Wi-Fi required for this opportunity. If you have a surgery, delivery, or sale in the open, you need to think about the acquisition of the equipment, the data on the capacity of wireless networks. If you are a small business and already have a Plan or a Smartphone to your Smartphone you can use your phone with a MSR-reader, or Barcode, in order to get a Job.

Companies, employees use their own equipment using the model under the name of byod, or bring your own device. Some companies run Tests, or the use of these models, because they believe it is similar as in the case of employees, the secure Transport. Many young employees already have their own Smart-device will own you better to their. The employer will see this as a to manage and less risky way, the value of the holdings of “smart” devices.

The biggest disadvantage of the move seems to be in a Mobile POS, the staff at the front Desk. It is the fact that all of the new projects faced. Way to avoid this, many of you know, is the existence of the Plan for this change and the approval of the leadership. The administration needs. these change all the paths for the introduction of Mobile POS Many of these young employees took advantage of the consumer, Smart devices for many years, and because of this acquaintance, you will learn quickly and spend less time on the receipt of training on mobile POS. Customers also have devices these devices in your life, so you have even more to mobile POS.

We will consider some of the relevant variables in the creation of mobile POS.

Which environment you are using Mobile devices?

Some of these environments, and demand will continue to demand to be protected Mobile Computer devices. Some users want a Smart sleek look or общеизвестности use of each of the consumer devices class. Some users want to be sure the least expensive equipment there. To check things, the cost of the exchange and the ease of getting a different unit. Many of the manufacturers of any type of insurance or Service warranty on the device can offer.

How are you going to Mobile POS?

The most suitable for the mobile POS devices at the bust line. You probably have in the store or a Restaurant that takes your order or remove searches through your stuff while you are in the queue, speed up the Service at peak times. Some Mobile POS systems are actually able to complete the transaction while you are in the queue, and the others could only the transfer of information in the queue at the time of sale at the box office. You have to find out whether your Software and Hardware in combination to have this ability.

Other types of usage:


It is a newly created word, the seller, the walking customers in the store describes, and make meaningful sales. The first reviews of the stores like nordstrom suggests that clienteling to work, and the customers are not only buying a higher margin, but they spend more per transaction.

Loss prevention:

The handover accomplices roam the Shop for the customer service, and set the other in the Shop is aware of the fact that your staff give shoplifter less window to уворовать.

Receiving Payments

In Restaurant operations, if the people asked for the cheque, you want to go. You don’t like ten minutes of waiting, a transaction is completed. With a device which processes credit cards of the customers and provides a receipt on the spot, so they quickly to leave is a good Service. It is also struggling with the dizziness of the employees and increases the efficiency of the employees.

The Recording Of The Orders

The staff that the input table is inclined orders page, the orders wrong. With effective use of side shoots, customers can quickly be served. Early, search customers are happier and spend more.


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