Mobile Computing Requires Strong Security


Today, the Mobile Computer is not only includes hand-held devices and PDAs as well as Smartphones, the must-have Tools for businesses and consumers. Plus, Mobile computing also includes a new range of Notebooks, Tablets, Netbooks and Pads. Together with all these new invents new security threats require a strong protection against Internet threats.

Since the 1990s, there were many kinds of portable computers, on the road, including Laptop computers, Personal Digital assistants and even car-Computer. Simply-phones turned into a Mini-Computer, the device with Corporate Intranet and Internet functions, all connections to the entire range of networks. In addition, it opens new channels for security threats to companies with mobile workers, because virus writers and hackers are lurking in the underground, to make intrigues, illicit profits and mischief.

The Company ComScore, Inc. In says, there are a total of 234 million people age 13 or older in the United States, these mobile devices in December 2009 – and it includes an entire ecosystem surrounding the devices from the mobile phone manufacturers, mobile operators and companies with mobile employees, the individual employee. The Problem with many of these devices do not requirements have been developed taking into account the security. It is very powerful, if the infection affects Mobile devices and the influence they can exercise enough in the Business of tarnished Reputation and lost data to lost revenues.

Today, there are new threats for these devices, as well as a significant increase in Mobile access to sensitive business data. IT departments are constantly reviewing the security policy, to ensure that your mobile devices are properly protected from Malware and other malicious Code, which is created by using hackers and fraudsters.

A big threat includes Botnets, which at the present time a great threat to the security of the Internet. Bots, Web robot, the penetration into Computer and turn them into Zombies, and they each turn other computers into Zombies or Zombie army, the Hacker or bot-Master.

The term Zombie comes from the West Indies, where he refers to the robot as a man, as they say, was revived from the dead. Industrial safety its best to develop new technologies to protect Internet Security products for Netbooks for dealing with this infestation.

Today’s Mobile PCs require a secure, fast and easy-to-use protection such as cloud technology to automatically viruses and Spyware before they reach your Computer, so that it will slow you down.

What the future holds for Mobile computing, if you have a Netbook, you and your family can surf the web via E-Mail and Web without problems, with the assurance that you’re safe.


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