Mobile Computing Based on Context Awareness


Developed the new structure of mobility, on the basis of the concept of the physical environment. This environment is through the concept of context. This is the basis of the modelling language, the properties of the mobility and the behavior of the application. In other words, you can say it is like a cross between the life of digital, social, physical and mobile world. It is a Supplement to the position data. The place can be used as a factor for the processes of the inhabitants, but in context can be applied more flexibly with mobile Computing and mobile agents, and carriers with intelligent communicators. The term comes in the time of Ubiquitous Computing, or complex calculations, trying to decide what changes in the environment with computer systems,

There are several context-dependent Mobile agents, which are suitable in the best case, for the realization of mobile applications. This type of calculations formed the System architecture of the Trend, aiming to constitute an integrated and interacting devices, databases, and Services, to communicate, to photograph, queries, and users. The context-specific calculations give millions of dollars per year in the possibility of making a profit for a number of industries, including travel and retail. In the context of the awareness for the relevance sharpens, if the device or service is responding to user-initiated action, such as, for example, search for products and Support calls. It also provides a quick link through an analysis of the conditions of operation and behavior. Such an active transmission of information, warnings, and advertising, offers significant commercial opportunities for all types of providers of services and content. The technology is GNAT experience of Mobile users beyond a simple search for information, and also about the current location-based Services, which will fit only the remnants of the broader context.

This Mobile Computer is completely different from a simple Sensor applications seen on Smartphones. For example, user applications such as yelp on the iPhone to search for nearby Restaurants and the kitchen, as well as place and order. Device context, would know a similar function, the know Restaurants, the user in the past, that the food of the user. Based on these preferences, the device offers for the surrounding Restaurants. He would even be in the cards built-in and other programs on your device.

In the context of the environment is known, many wireless devices such as environmental sensors, RF id Tags and Smartphones send the availability, location, and other information about the state of the entire network. A special Software, collected and analyzed the data and send it back to the grid, the necessary context at the end of the device. According to the computer industry, in the context of understand the phone can.for an optimization of the use of energy on the basis of what he knew about the everyday life of the user

In future devices know about the user, their day is, where you are, what you want, and even use the device to know likes and dislikes of the users. The main objective of awareness of the context, to show how the rules of multi-sensor information for Business applications, so that it can be correlated with the existing Business. Finally, it is what can help the people in making the decision faster.

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