Future of Staffing in the Digital Age


Ask all of the company among its basic tasks in 2016, it is likely that staff and retain talent will be at the top of the list. Smart companies know that you are as good as their employees and are looking for the best of the best for their organizations.

To develop the technology during the next, plays an important role in how companies operate talent search and install.

It’s digital-all gone

Online applications thrust began in the early 2000’s, they were considered a Supplement to the personal interview and the traditional paper resume. For over a decade and half later, recruitment is almost 100 percent digital. From the collection will continue to search and interview all the recruitment process is now digital, and it seems to be the future of staffing. Experts say that this will continue is displaced through the changing of individual skills, abilities and experience that exist purely in the digital domain. Innovative tools using big data, social media and other technologies provide a good insight into the job search skills and conducting the first screening.

An increasing number of employers are using Webcams and video interviews for staffing. This sharp increase in one-way video where the graduate students to record interviews for later on-demand playback. Two-way, live webcam interviews, is the future of humanity and, perhaps, to experience exponential growth in the coming years.

Faster, simpler application process

Job-hunter today, you are well aware of their value and the competitive market. They are looking for opportunities everywhere. If a company takes the time to answer, or has a complex application process, the hatches should be immediately to look for alternatives.

Talent acquisition is the sellers in the markets. For companies, this is how you can enlarge the experience of candidates on the application process. Experts say that it is a “mortal sin” if the organization is not a recruiting process easier and faster for the candidates.

“Brand,” an important selling point

Smart candidates appreciate the brand worth of the company before applying or accepting an offer of a place, almost on the line of consumer evaluation of the brand before buying. You will study businesses as a recent study. Employers-talent has to come website as a powerful tool to deal with. It is crucial to provide easy to use and interactive career website to provide a cohesive brand image that the company represents the values, mission and vision.

Passive Candidates

The future staffing of both active and passive candidates will be owned equally. Not increased by technology, most millennials accept the antiquated notion of employment. And HR needs Gen-Y candidates in a new way.

This is especially true of “passive candidates”, i.e. a person who is not exactly looking for work, but ready to accept new opportunities. While some companies have no shortage of candidates once the hole is posted, usually longer for most companies. HR managers must now be much more active to for candidates.

Use of digital profiles and other social networks are already there, what is the difference between much larger manpower pool for employers, and the future of staffing will continue.


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