Enjoy Mobile Computing With The iGo Stowaway Portable Bluetooth Keyboard


Many people today use Smartphones or PDAs, such as your portable office. You can easily store all the important information for your work in the hands. In some cases, you can use these devices like a Laptop. However, these devices mostly rely on touch screen or small keyboard. To make things much easier for yourself, you can Bluetooth Ughi Безбилетник Portable keyboard.

This Mobile Bluetooth keyboard is for use with various devices, such as Palm OS, Windows XP, Windows Mobile, and Symbian OS. This portable Bluetooth keyboard is a great advantage, especially for those looking for a great keyboard for text input.

The original size of the portable UGI Безбилетник Bluetooth keyboard is 5 inch to 3.5 inch to 0.9 inch. With the push of a button, the device plays on the keyboard the width is 11 inches with a height of 5 key series. It is similar to other keyboards, with the exception of the selected function keys. However, this portable Bluetooth keyboard has a number of strictly the number keys. One of the advantages of the Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is that it is traveling ideal for Touch-typing, as the keyboard on your Laptop and can remote.

While the size of the portable Bluetooth-mentioned keyboard, is still relatvely small, but still more than your palm OS phone or other Smartphones and you may have to make an occasion special, or professional, to wear it. Nevertheless, it’s great, especially if you’re on the go and you need a large keyboard for input of data, or other Text into your Smartphone or PDA. The Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard is working on a Triple a battery, and the battery life is quite long. This does not mean that you have a lot of problems when you use it.

With the introduction of the portable Bluetooth keyboard, the problem with the small keyboard for PDAs, Smartphones, and the Palm operating system has been resolved. Anyone can use it, since it is compatible with most mobile phones. It has been tested on several portable devices, and it works with any of them. Even if it is a little more than a Smartphone, it still does the Job perfectly and it gives you the convenience to easily print your document, especially when traveling.

Portable UGI Безбилетник Bluetooth keyboard includes circuit-Lock, it protects against the fall out of the circle when in use. This feature is great, especially if you are at the airport or crammed together in tight spaces. In addition, the keyboard is also used for international symbols and characters, so that it is one of the best keyboards for your mobile office.

You must have this small keyboard on your Smartphone or PDA. Get portable UGI Безбилетник Bluetooth keyboard today and enjoy its benefits. You can carry it in your pocket, bag or purse because of its size, and with the push of a button,you can let him out of their tiny window in the Full-size keyboard, easy to place on the lap or any flat surface.


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