Banks and Mobile Banking: Fish or Cut Bait!


How to with us in the South, either fish or Jacked.

If it is closed to Mobile Banking, to bring the banks on Board, or in search of the sign””. In the last couple of months, I spoke in the Association of bankers Marketing conference in Nebraska, and in Walters Клувер meeting of financial services.

I was shocked at the number of banks, said: “we never offer Mobile Banking. It is not safe, and my customers don’t want to.”

Perhaps this explains why the research strategy of the spear and scientifically-says that the credit co-operatives in the run-up to the Community banks, with nine out of 10 credit unions, Web-and Mobile-Banking!

They also found that three out of 10 Community banks provide no single Form of Mobile Banking.

The growth of the Consumer-the adoption of the Smartphone, which is now at 52% and growing. Research spear reported that Mobile Banking added in the past year, more than 10 million American adults, such as the use of Smartphone surpassed mobile phones and adoption of tablets increased by 21%.

My Generation is not growing up with computers, Smartphones, or write to, but personally, I love “Text” banking. I own several rental properties in several States and my tenants rent directly to the Bank. I get the SMS-messages will appear immediately, if you Deposit and the amount.

Can I change the input in “Bal” to see my balances instantly and “last” to all of the recent events, including the payments I’ve made.

Lately drink, research has shown that SMS messages doubled from 60 to 100 per day 14-17 years old. I don’t know that most banks are interested in this age group, but you should be interested in what happens with the younger Generation. This is to accept the future and the sooner the banks, the better.

Research management of financial financial Intu Services, like G-Banking Generation (born after 1980) are different in their Banking habits from us. Half of 18-32 years use their Smartphones to check their account balance or make payments. This is in comparison to 20% in the General population.

Every company in America would support for Consumer report to, their products and services. So the bankers, that is, what is the consumer reports of your says:

“Mobile Banking is convenient. Anytime, anywhere access to the account makes the seat-of-pants management of money possible. You can, for example, account balances while waiting in line at the cashier to see if you need to use your credit or to buy debt.

You can also pay transfer money between accounts, in the presence of the Monitor, money, and invoices. Your Bank may be a SMS notification when your checking balance is low or when withdrawals and deposits are credited to your account. You can purchases and alerts for Debit and credit card in excess of a certain amount, which can testify about the fraud.

The latest Innovation, called “Remote Capture Deposit,” in Mobile Banking-a language, enables you to check pictures with your phone camera and “contribution”. You can’t get the money out of your phone, but you can use it to find the nearest ATM.”

Research by several companies indicates that the use of a mobile explodes phone. Half of our rising Generation with the help of Mobile Banking, and consumer reports says it all, why you should use it.

We have a lot of very good companies in the banking area, the security of mobile Banking applications for financial service providers. The only reason I can’t understand why the banks embrace Mobile Banking that you are either afraid, or you are more likely to be Jacked!


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